We offer a healthy atmosphere with personal attention to the needs of each pet. Our staff is dedicated to providing the same love and affection they would receive at home.

We provide

  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Large individual indoor/outdoor play areas
  • One on one Interaction
  • Special needs accommodated
  • Comfortable kuranda beds
  • Classical music throughout
  • Flexible hours
  • Extended stay discounts
  • Personal packages available
  • Alpine pure air system

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Boarding Hours:

Mon-Fri:  8:30am – 5:00pm
Sat-Sun:  8:30am – 1:00pm
Closed:  12:00pm – 1:00pm

Open 7 days

Boarding Rates

Your pet is charged a full day when he/she arrives regardless of time.

Check-out time is 10:00 am.
Pets picked up after this time will result in a full day charge.


  • Premium Package
    $38.00 Per Night
  • VIP Premium Plus Package
    $48.00 Per Night


  • $19.00 Per Night

Also available for sale are Premium Dog Foods.
Call to inquire.

– CASH OR CHECK – (Credit Cards not accepted at this time)

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Tub Time

If you are boarding your pet, we suggest you schedule a grooming appointment for the day of pick up. If your pet is groomed the day of pick-up, you will not be charged for boarding that day! As always. VSPC offers full service bathing for all breeds seven days a week!

*Prices vary depending on dog size and amount of work involved.

Scrub-a-dub-dub what comes with the bath tubs!?

  • Pre-bath brushing
  • Removal of any mats or excessive undercoat
  • Trim the feet, hocks, feathers or rear (if necessary / requested)
  • Trim the nails
  • Clean the ears
  • Pluck ears if necessary
  • Shampooed / conditioned – with appropriate shampoo
  • Air-force – large blow dryer that allows us to remove any stubborn under coat
  • Drying / break time
  • Post-bath brushing
  • Post-bath air force
  • Re-trim the feet, hocks, feathers or rear if needed
  • Spray with a leave in conditioner
  • Spray with a cologne or perfume
  • Bandana time!

**Also available**

  •  Skunk bath
  •  Medicated Baths (Sensitive skin etc.)

Your pooch is beautiful and ready for you to show them off!

Call to make an appointment today!

What to Expect When Your Pet Returns Home After Boarding

When you pick-up your pet he undoubtedly will be happy to see you. Following a few simple steps will help ease the transition back to home life.

  • Overexcitement may make a pet pant excessively and act thirsty. Even though he is acting overly thirsty, he had plenty of water available at the boarding facility. Give him a few ice cubes to tide him over until he settles down.
  • Food: Same as above. Please be aware that excessive drinking and eating may lead to digestive upsets and bloating. Do not feed your pet for a few hours after coming home from the boarding facility, and then limit food and water provided until he has settled back into home life.
  • Walk your pet upon arrival or allow access to a yard area. Excitement may also cause a change in urination or bowel movements outside his normal schedule.
  • Give your pet some personalized attention – some play time, sitting, petting or brushing him will help him get through the excitement stage and calm down.
  • Re-establish home patterns by following a normal schedule. Pets love following a schedule – it makes them feel safe and secure.