Medical History:

To keep your pet happy and healthy during their stay, we ask that you make us aware of any medical history when checking in. Knowledge of anything from food allergies, digestive upset, chronic limp, fear of thunder, etc. would be helpful.


We require documentation that all pets to be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella.

Contact Numbers:

Please have several contact numbers available so in case of an emergency the appropriate person can be contacted. Supply us first with a number that you can be reached while you are away. Also a relative or friend in the area who would be responsible in your absence. It is essential for your pets well being that you supply us with this information.


For emergency care purposes we require a Visa or MasterCard to be kept on file for boarding and daycare animals. All care will be billed to this card by the veterinary care facility that is available.


If your dog typically receives medications at home, they should be continued while boarding. Bring the labeled medications with you and make us aware of any specific problems being treated.


We will prepare your pets current food at no extra cost or you may choose our quality food available here. Any abrupt changes in food commonly lead to digest upset in many animals, especially when combined with changes in their environment.

Personal Items:

We accept no responsibility for toys, balls, leashes, blankets, bones or “stuff” left with your dogs. We cannot guarantee the safe return of these items.

Check In:

Like a “Hotel” we charge for the day your dog is dropped off, regardless of arrival time.

Check Out: 10:00am  (after additional day rate applies)