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4 stories:

  1. Baxter loves going to “school” and he drags us to the Village Sentry door when we arrive in the morning and I love that he comes home exhausted which lasts into the next day. All of the employees clearly love dogs and I enjoy looking for Baxter’s photo on Village Sentry’s Facebook page while he is there to see how much fun he is having! One of the girls said to me “Baxter gives the best hugs!”, which made me realize how well they know my dog. I have included a photo of what Baxter does when he gets home each evening. 🙂

  2. We’ve been bringing Jude there since she was a puppy (she is now 3). We love it, but most of all she is always excited to come play and stay with such loving people and her furry friends! We can’t thank you enough for giving us peace of mind that our girl is in such good hands!