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Here at Village Sentry Pet Care, our mission is to create a comfortable environment for your pets, especially during the bathing process. We are a fully equipped facility which allows us to ensure your pet has ample outdoor potty time during their spa day!

VSPC Bathing Process

  1. Pre-Bath Brushing

  2. Clip or Grind Nail Trimming

  3. Ear Cleaning

  4. Deep Clean Bath With Customized Shampoo For Dog’s Specific Needs (i.e. Sensitive, Irritated or Oily Skin)

  5. Condition Fur

  6. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

  7. High Velocity Drying Time

  8. Cool Temperature Finishing Dryer

  9. Break Time!

  10. Post-Bath Brush

  11. Puppy Cologne (Optional)

  12. Bandana time!

  13. Done!

Your dog cannot be bathed with excessive mats or a lot of undercoat. Giving a bath to a dog with mats can further worsen the condition of your pet and be a health risk for Fido. Eliminating mats & undercoat requires additional work prior to the bath.

The condition of Fido's undercoat or matting will have an impact on the price of the bath. Please inquire about an estimate! 

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