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Required Documentation

As many of you are well aware as of September 20, 2022, there is a new and potentially serious virus going through the dog community. The signs and symptoms resemble canine cough. All vets are recommending for any dogs exhibiting these or any other symptoms to be seen immediately. ​ We would like to remind you that even with current vaccines, your pet is still susceptible to these other illnesses. As always, we require a local emergency contact, who is not traveling with you, that will be available to pick your pet up during boarding stays in the event of any sickness.


As the owner of your pets, it is your responsibility to provide up-to-date and accurate vaccination records PRIOR to your pet's stay with us at least 72 hours in advance. Additionally, a Visa or Mastercard is required to be on file. Both the vaccination records and your credit card information are necessary for any reservations to be made.

This information can be provided via email or in the Owner Portal. Please refer to our Contact & Hours page to find our email. We would also gladly accept this information in-person as long as it is prior to your pet's check-in date. See below for the requirements:

Required Paperwork


Food for Fido

All food must be pre-portioned. (If pet is on or has wet food included in diet, please do not mix with dry food. Pack them separately.)

We will not accept any loose food in original food bags or in food containers, tupperware, etc. We are asking that ALL food be INDIVIDUALLY pre-portioned and LABELED in a plastic or paper bag. For example, Fido's name is written onto the bag along with AM, PM, or lunch. There is no need to label by day unless there are daily changes. One example of a daily change is having medication already mixed into the food that must be eaten every other day. If this is the case, then please also include the date that the food will be consumed onto every bag along with the aforementioned information. If necessary, ziplock bags will be available at a flat charge of $5.00 for customers to pre-bag food during their check-in. No tupperware will be accepted.

We know that it’s sometimes hard to leave your pet for a few days or longer, but we strongly discourage feeding your pup anything out of the ordinary before they come in for their boarding stay as it could upset their stomach. While it may seem like a nice treat for them to have before they board away from home, it could actually make the first couple of days of their stay pretty uncomfortable. It’s best to keep their diet and routine as it would normally be before check-in.


​Food, along with medication, will be counted out by a staff member upon check-in to be assured that there is the correct amount depending on the length of your pet's stay. You will be accountable for signing off the amount to acknowledge this.

Food for Fido



Any medication in forms other than pills, tabs, liquids, powders or ointments MUST be explained to us over the phone upon reservation being made. Some medical attention needs to be performed only by a licensed veterinarian.

Please be sure to provide us with whatever you normally use to administer pills to your dog. Whether this be peanut butter, cheese, or pill pockets. To ensure a healthy stay for your pet it is best to bring whatever it is they are used getting at home so they don't end up with an upset belly during their boarding stay.

For pill and tab form medication, only the EXACT amount of needed medication will be accepted in either the original pill container or pre-counted in a LABELED ziplock bag. All medication labels need to include the pet's name, instructions, and the name of the medication. If your pet requires more than one medication, please pack them separately.


Liquids, powders, and ointments do not need to be pre-portioned, but we do ask that you are certain to bring enough to last the entire duration of the stay and that you bring a form of measurement for us to use. Ointments can be brought as is.

Medication, along with food, will be counted out by a staff member upon check-in to be assured that there is the correct amount depending on the length of your pet's stay. You will be accountable for signing off the amount to acknowledge this.

If your pet's stay will exceed ten days, if not already discussed, please call our office during business hours to go over our extended stay guidelines.



Personal Items

We no longer accept personal items, including the following: toys, bones, beds, blankets, food containers, dishes, buckets, food scoops, and leashes.

We have plenty of bedding here that can and will be provided for your pup atop of their Kuranda Dog Bed® to ensure that they are comfortable and happy during their stay. For older dogs, we provide a lower bed with a padded top as many of them have a harder time getting onto the bigger beds.

Leashes will be returned to the owner during drop-off. We will not keep any leashes. In the event you are having someone else pick-up, that person must have their own leash and identification readily available.

Personal Items


Hours of Operation

Your pet can be dropped off within our drop off hours.

Please review the many times and options that we offer for pick-up on the Boarding & Bath Pick-Ups page.


We will ask you what category your pet will fit into based off of what you decide. If you choose to pick-up with a bath, we will add the bath to your pet's stay upon check-in, so please plan accordingly before the start of the reservation.

Hours of Operation
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