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Looking to get your pup started in boarding or Doggy Daycare? Keep reading to learn about what Village Sentry Pet Care looks for in our trial process and how to scheduling one.

Boarding Tours

We invite you to tour our facility during our normal business hours through scheduled appointments made by call or email.


During the summer months and busy vacation time periods, our boarding tours will be limited.


Please do not bring your pet, as it can often be distracting for us and Fido.

Doggy Daycare Trials

If there is an appropriate opening in our Doggy Daycare program and your application has been reviewed and accepted, a daycare trial can be scheduled.

Our daycare trials ensure that we have ample time to spend with your dog and get understand how they may settle into our program both inside and outside of the group setting.

The Assessment

To ensure the safety and happiness of all who attend our daycare program, each and every dog must pass a daycare trial. Your dog must be comfortable in a group setting, as well as indoors during quiet time. It is vital that all dogs settle indoors as dogs are naturally "stop and go" and benefit from short naps during the day. If your dog shows any signs of aggression or behaviors that aren't well-received by the rest of the group, we will end the trial and inform you of the reasons for disqualification upon pick-up. Behaviors that we do not allow in our daycare include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Growling/other signs of aggression

  • Excessive assertions of dominance

  • Mounting

  • Excessive barking

  • Excessive rock/feces eating

  • Fence fighting

  • Aggression towards people

  • Nipping/herding of people or other dogs

  • Clear levels of high anxiety

What If My Dog Doesn't Fit in at Daycare?

If your dog is not accepted to daycare, or is excused from daycare, we like to emphasize that it does not mean that they are a bad dog.

Daycare isn’t for everybody!


Your dog may be able to play just fine in a small play group at home or at a dog park when you are there. Sometimes the environment and stimulus of daycare can lead dogs to act out in ways they normally wouldn’t due to anxiety, frustration, confusion, or general unhappiness.


We don’t want to see any dog unhappy at Doggy Daycare, so we will be honest with how they do in our program.

We also have a "No Bark Policy." We know that this sounds funny in a facility full of canines. Our "No Bark Policy" means no excessive barking outdoors and indoors. Our property is in the historical district of Hollis and we have a responsibility to our community to keep the noise at a reasonable level. A dog barking nonstop is not only stressful to the other dogs and staff, but it is potentially dangerous in a group setting. We do our best to curb this behavior by name recalls and distractions. When dogs display this behavior indoors and at night particularly, it can keep the other boarders up all night. Ultimately, it results in a less than fun stay for the other dogs. We strive for the absolute best care possible for your pets and feel like this policy can help ensure that. Thank you for understanding.

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