Village Sentry Pet Care is a family-owned business, that prioritizes our animals' well-beings. By having our home on the same property as our facility, we stay hands-on with every aspect of our operation 24/7.


We invite you to tour our facility anytime during our normal business hours, although, to insure ample time for your tour, scheduled appointments are available and encouraged.

Moving to Hollis in 1972, the Ciampa family adored animals, and their family grew as they adopted many dogs, cats, and horses. Pat Ciampa, the mother of the current owner Michele Kuzmich, loved larger bred animals. She discovered Great Danes and knew instantly that this dog breed was perfect for her. The loving mother began to breed Great Dane pups of her own. As this dog breed requires particular care, Village Sentry Kennel was founded in 1976.


Now, nearly four decades later, we don’t consider ourselves a kennel, but your pet's home away from home. The same concept is still practiced as it was by Pat Ciampa: when you go away or out of town, we fulfill your beloved companions’ needs seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Moving back to Hollis in 2007 from New York, Michele Kuzmich, daughter of Pat Ciampa, wanted to reconnect with the business that had such a tremendous impact on her life while growing up. She and her husband Mark took ownership of Village Sentry Pet Care, taking a fresh approach pet-care to keep up with the ever-changing needs of pet-owners. One of their new additions to the business is the Doggie Daycare program. It's a wonderful addition for working owners as their pets enjoy an interactive and social day full of activities, even while their owners are away.


"Years later, having raised my children," Michele Kuzmich says, "I am so grateful to be back to my roots. Now, my own daughter and our amazing team of dedicated staff can enjoy some of the same opportunities that I had [when I was younger] and have become part of our pet loving team."

We look forward to meeting both you and your pet.


Michele, Mark, & the entire VSPC team

Our Team

Meet the lovely individuals caring for your furry friends!

We're a close knit group of co-workers who take pride in our everyday work, and we look forward to meeting you and your pets!


Office Manager

I have been working at VSPC over a decade, although it has been in my family for longer. I love working alongside my mom and all of the dedicated staff. Now, I hold the responsibility of taking care of the pets as well as ensuring that the facility runs smoothly. Although you may find me in the office most of the time, I know each animal individually and how they're cared for by very hard-working girls. As a child, I always knew I wanted to be a part of VSPC and I'm happy to know I achieved that for myself and my own dog, Regi!


General Manager

Hello! My name is Laura and Village Sentry Pet Care first became a part of my life in February of 2017. Although, I have been in the pet care industry for over 7 years now from rescue, to vet med, to grooming, to doggy daycare. Village Sentry Pet Care is not only your pets second home, but mine as well. I love coming into work every single day to provide amazing care to your furry family member!


Daycare, Baths

Hi, my name is Samantha and this is my little girl Mya. I've been working here at VSPC since September 2017. The best part is being able to spend time with all of your amazing puppies that come here to play and stay with us. As I love working with animals, I also occasionally work at a dairy barn as a substitute dairy farmer. When I have time I enjoy barrel racing at the barn. My passion is for animals, so I’m always looking to develop more skills and I can't wait to see where my job at VSPC takes me!



Hi, my name is Natalie. I've been working here since September of 2017! I have had a love for animals for as long as I can remember. After working many years in retail, I'm thrilled to finally love what I do for a living! Caring for the dogs here is fulfilling to my soul and it brings me joy to give them the love and attention they deserve.


Daycare, Lead Closer

Hey! I’m Julia and I currently attend Nashua Community College. I started working here in the beginning of February 2019 and instantly fell in love with the job. I have worked with horses since I was four years old and have always had dogs since I was a baby! My family used to foster dogs within a rescue, two of our current dogs were foster fails we just had to keep! I love coming to work every day and loving on each of the pooches that come in!


Closer, Daycare

Hi! I’m Meli, and I am currently a student at Hollis Brookline High School. I’ve had a passion for animals as long as I can remember. I recently started working at Village Sentry, and so far I enjoy every aspect of it! My favorite part so far is definitely getting to know each individual dog and their personalities. Each day I look forward to caring for your pups and making sure there home away from home is the best it can be!


Closer, Daycare

Hi, my name is Casey. I started working here at Village Sentry Pet Care in September 2021. After working retail for 3 years, I can finally say I now have my dream job of working with animals. I love coming to work every day to hang out and play with your fur babies.


Closer, Daycare

Hey, I’m Megan. I started working at VSPC in October 2019. I love working and being around animals I always have. This position has been beneficial to my life. On days that are extremely hard, animals help you feel better. I’m so happy to be apart of the VSPC crew and always look forward to spending time with your loved ones!

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Closer, Daycare

Hi, my name is Juliana! I started at VSPC in May 2021, but the amount of joy I get from working here could last forever! In the picture is my old boy Caesar. He’s been with me for almost my entire school career and he’ll be sending me off to college! He has taught me that patience and kindness are some of the best things to have. By being patient and kind you can get any animal to be comfortable with you! I really love working with all animals, from dogs and cats to my lizard. I’m glad I found a job where I can dedicate time to build my passion for animals and their care!

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Closer, Daycare

Hi, my name is Jade and I started working at VSPC in May 2021. I’ve always loved animals, and have had everything from frogs to rats, but dogs are definitely my favorite. Working with animals has always been a dream of mine, and being able to make the change over from retail has brought me so much joy. I’m excited to finally be doing something I love, and look forward to seeing all the wagging tails when I come in for work each day!

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Closer, Daycare

Hi, my name is Lauren!  I have been working at VSPC since June 2021. I can say with 100% certainty that this has been the best job I have ever had. Dogs have been a huge part of my life ever since I was little, so it’s a dream to be able to work with all of your amazing dogs every single day.


VSPC Mascot

Lexie is our beloved kitty who has lived at VSPC for as long as we can recall. She is often seen sleeping in her tree, teasing the dogs, sprawled across the desk, or basking outside! Yes, she lives here, so feel free to let her in or out of the building!