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Here at VPSC, our furry friends have their own personalized area to eat, sleep, and wind down in. Your pet's comfort and safety is our first priority, and fun follows close behind! Think of it as each pup having their own hotel room with beds, blankets, water and lots of love!

To get the most out of your pet's stay-cation, please take the time to read up on the information below.

Standard Premium


$52.00 per night

  • Appropriately sized overnight room

  • Comfortable Kuranda Dog Beds®

  • Water at all times

  • Food and water dishes

  • Temperature controlled environment

  • All outdoor potty times throughout the day and night

  • Daily supervised premium playtime with a staff member

  • Daily photos on Facebook

VIP/Special Needs

$60.00 per night


All the perks of our standard boarding, with the addition of:

  • Attention to extra special needs, a great idea for our elderly dogs or young pups

  • Any medications or special accommodations needed

  • One video posted to Facebook page during their stay

  • Take-home goody bag

Keep in Mind

We require a deposit to hold your reservation for any stay. This deposit is equal to a two-night stay.

Just like a hotel, we reserve a spot for your pet in our facility. 

If you make changes to your pet's stay (a cancellation, an extension, an earlier drop-off date) you must give us 48 hours notice.

If you do not notify us of any changes 48 hours prior to your stay, you will lose your deposit. 

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