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Here at VPSC, our furry friends have their own personalized area to eat, sleep, and wind down in. Your pet's comfort and safety is our first priority, and fun follows close behind! Think of it as each pup having their own hotel room with beds, blankets, water and lots of love!

To get the most out of your pet's stay-cation, please take the time to read up on the information below.


Monday - Friday: 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. (closed 12 P.M. - 1 P.M.)

Saturday - Sunday: 8:30 A.M. to 1 P.M.


Standard Premium


$38.00 per night

  • Appropriately sized overnight room

  • Comfortable Kurunda bed

  • Water at all times

  • Food and water dishes

  • Temperature controlled environment

  • Alpine Purified Air System

  • All outdoor potty times throughout the day and night

  • Daily supervised premium playtime with a staff member

  • Daily photos on Facebook

  • Any medications or special accommodations needed

  • Bedtime treats

VIP Plus


$48.00 per night


All the perks of our standard boarding, with the addition of:

  • Welcome chew bone provided during stay

  • Attention to extra special needs, a great idea for our elderly pups

  • Daily spring water

  • At least one private video posted to Facebook page during their stay

We operate like a hotel, so all check-outs must occur before 10 A.M. on the scheduled day of pick-up to avoid an additional day charge.

However, this charge is waived if your furry friend bathes with us!


You read that right! We love our kitties here at VSPC, and, like our dogs, each feline friend has their own space complete with the necessities!

Standard Cat


$22.00 per night

  • A private, adequately sized space

  • Water at all times

  • Medications/Attention to special needs

  • One-on-one time

  • Food dishes, blankets, beds, & toys

Check List

Food for Fido

For food, please pack labeled food for your dog or cat in an appropriately sized container. Ziplock bags of pre-packed food are the best, easiest way for us to be able to store everybody’s food. While we do not want too much food, it's always smart to pack a couple extra cups of food.

Items For Your Pup

Please only bring one or two small labeled items that smell like home that they may want to snuggle up to at night; otherwise, we have plenty of blankets to tuck them in with!  For our older dogs, we provide a lower bed with a padded top as many of them have a harder time getting up on the bigger beds. Again, no small toys or choking hazards.

We have plenty of bedding here that we can provide for your pup atop their Kurunda bed to ensure that they are comfortable and happy during their stay. We designed our facility to prioritize spacing for your dogs, and do not have a lot of extra storage space because of it. Please keep large beds at home.

It is not recommended you bring Fido's most prized toy or any choking hazards. We implore you to use your discretion as you know your pet best, but be aware that small toys, socks, or other easily swallowed items will not be given to your dog while they stay here.

Updated Vaccination Records

We keep track of vaccination records as a safety precaution, so it's important that you bring any updated vet records when you come to check in. We're looking for Bordetella, rabies and distemper vaccination dates. Please note that the Bordetella vaccine does not cover all strains of Canine Cough. This helps us keep our facility safe, so please be prepared with these documents.

Other Information About Your Pet's Health

Please let us know about allergies or other medical conditions upon check in so we can cater to your pets needs! It is important to keep us as informed as possible.

​Emergency Contact Information

This is mandatory if you are leaving the country. Please have the information of someone in the area who would be able to pick up your dog in case of an emergency.

For Emergency Purposes Only, We Ask For A Credit Card That We Can Leave On Your File

This is simply a precaution if we were every in a situation where we had to bring your pet to see a veterinarian and you or an emergency contact was not able to pick them up.


What to Pack:

  • A LABELED, appropriate amount of food

  • One or two items that smell like home, like a kong or bone

  • Up-to-date vaccination records

  • Any medications your pet may need

  • Information about allergies or other medical conditions

  • Emergency contact info

What to NOT Pack:

  • Small toys that pose as choking hazards

  • Giant food containers/bags

  • Bulky bedding

  • Personal food scoops, as we have our own here

  • Food dishes, unless they're special slow eater ones

  • Prong or choke collars

Keep in Mind

During busy times like holidays or school vacations, we will ask you for a deposit to hold your reservation for the stay. This deposit is equal to a two-night stay.

Just like a hotel, we reserve a spot for your pet in our facility. 

If you make changes to your pet's stay (a cancellation, an extension, an earlier drop-off date) you must give us 48 hours notice.

If you do not notify us of any changes 48 hours prior to your stay, you will lose your deposit.