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Celebrating 47 Years!

Village Sentry Pet Care is honored to be celebrating our 47th anniversary and was voted Best Pet Day Care in the Greater Nashua region for 3 years straight. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you!


As many of you are well aware as of September 20, 2022, there is a new and potentially serious virus going through the dog community. The signs and symptoms resemble canine cough. All vets are recommending for any dogs exhibiting these or any other symptoms to be seen immediately.

We would like to remind you that even with current vaccines, your pet is still susceptible to these other illnesses. As always, we require a local emergency contact, who is not traveling with you, that will be available to pick your pet up during boarding stays in the event of any sickness.

Check-In Requirements



As the owner of your pets, it is your responsibility to provide up-to-date and accurate vaccination records PRIOR to your pet's stay with us, at least 72 hours in advance. Additionally, you are required to keep a Visa or Mastercard on file through the Owner Portal.


Learn more about our required documentation here.


Food for Fido

Food MUST be pre-portioned in labeled bags only.

We will not accept any loose food in original food bags or in food containers, tupperware, etc. We are asking that ALL food be individually pre-portioned and LABELED DAILY in plastic or paper bags. If necessary, ziplock bags will be available at a flat charge of $5.00 for customers to pre-bag food during their check-in. No tupperware will be accepted.

Learn more about our feeding guidelines here.



Only the EXACT amount of individually packed and labeled medication will be accepted. Necessary medication administration during your pet's stay is included in the nightly boarding fee.

Learn more about our medication guidelines here.


Hours of Operation

Your pet can be dropped off within our drop off hours, but be aware that our drop off and pick-up policy has changed.

Learn more about our updated hours of operation here.


Personal Items

We no longer accept personal items, including the following: toys, bones, beds, blankets, food containers, dishes, buckets, food scoops, and leashes. Leashes will be returned to the owner during drop-off and will not be kept.

Learn more about personal item restrictions here.

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