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Frequently Asked Questions

What About Lunch Packages?

There will be no more "lunch" packages. For those who choose to purchase any of the packages or passes and plan to bring lunch will need to include the $2.00 per lunch fee in their initial payment to cover each day of lunch. For instance, if you purchase a 16 Day Package at $384.00, you would add $32.00 to your payment to cover your dog’s lunch fees for the entirety of the package's duration. Please inquire with the office for specific questions and to set up lunch payments. Biscuits packed for Fido will still be given at no charge.  

When Exactly Does My Package or Pass Expire?

Your purchased packages will expire exactly on the calendar week correlating to their expiration. So, if you purchase your package or pass on a Tuesday and it has a 5 week expiration, your package will expire exactly 5 Tuesdays from the date of purchase, including the Tuesday that the package was purchased.

*All old packages will be carried over but will have an expiration of June 30th, 2020. See the office if you have more than 1 package in your queue.*



Why 5 Weeks and 10 Weeks?

Our goal with these new packages moving forward is to upkeep the same twice a week minimum that many of you have already scheduled your pups for as we do feel it is best for them to come regularly. However, the extra week(s) provided are to serve as a “bye” week, if needed. If you go on vacation, your pup is not feeling well, you have a busy week and cannot bring them in, etc., you have the extra week(s) to use your days with less stress of getting your money’s worth.

The monthly packages will expire on the exact date of the following month. So, if you purchase your package on the 2nd, it will expire on the 2nd of the following month, therefore payment is due on or before that date to avoid a daily pass charge of $30.00.  

So, What Should I Purchase?

We have outlined what will save you the most money based on your planned attendance:

8 Day Package: Best suited for those who plan to continue on routinely coming in mostly 2 days a week and occasionally less. 


16 Day Package: Best suited for those who plan on coming 2 days per week, but may need more wiggle room with how often they are able to commit to it. Also, this package is perfect for those who plan on committing to coming in 2-3 times a week. This package is most similar to our previous 15 Day Package.

1 Month Unlimited: Best suited for dogs who come nearly every day to daycare. It may also be attractive to those who may want the freedom to come anywhere between 3-5 days per week and not worry about how many days they have left in their package or wish to re-up their package on a given day each month for planning purposes.  


2 & 3 Day Passes: Great option for our ‘drop in’ dogs to purchase days in advance. As in the past, this is still at a discounted rate.  


5 Day Pass: Perfect for our customers who consistently come 1 day per week.  

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